Camp Pests

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Spent the past 2 days (except for going to the camp chapel meeting on Sunday morning ) pouring through my new book, Writing the Christian Novel, and now I'm ready to really tackle this thing!

My dear sweet husband is on vacation this week and since I'm at camp, he had decided to join me. Of course he doesn't write, so I will have to find some errands for him to do and activities to keep him busy and out of my hair while I work on this book.

Just kidding...just kidding...I love having him underfoot around when I'm trying to write.  He often does annoying cute little things that I can use in my books.  You might say he's my muse...

Yeah, you might say that...but you'd be WRONG!

He's taking a shower right now, then we're headed for Borders so I can work on my book and he can read some books about guns (mostly pictures).  I'm pretty sure that if he keeps looking at those same books every time we go there, they are going to make him buy them because he's worn them out!

Am I being snarky?

I really love him, but why did he decide to take a vacation this week?????

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