Broke through that brick wall!

Whew! I feel much better today. Got some much needed encouragement from my friends and some invaluable writing advice from a "pro" (thank you, AJ) and I'm back on track.

Figured out an outlining method that works for me, so now I have a plan that will help when (if) I get stuck again. I had to do a little re-writing, kick a character out of the book (she was the fly in the ointment) and introduced another character.  Everyone's playing together fine, now.

They served stew in the mess hall tonight...really? Stew in the middle of summer? Would much rather have had something lighter. I'm thinking about sneaking off the grounds for a trip to Dairy Queen tonight.  Wonder if I would get caught?

5623 word count and a brand new lease on my writing life!

PS - Still wearing my Nano Shirt!

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