So much for good intentions!

I can't believe that I'm on day 14 of NaNoWriMo and haven't posted since day 3! Things have been so busy around here that I just haven't made it to the blog. I have a long list of sock monkey orders to be finished in time to mail them to their new owners to give as Christmas gifts and we've been dealing with colds and a sick dog in the family. Not mine, my daughter's. I've also been taking time to play with the grandkids...nothing comes before that!

The roses are drying. I love how they look. All droopy and brown around the edges. Somehow I find roses at this stage far more intriguing than when they are in full bloom. They seem to have a story to tell, which is exactly what inspired my novel, Vintage Roses.

I'm at 21,168 for my word count, which puts me 2120 words behind my target goal for today, but I'm planning a marathon writing session this evening, so I fully expect to be caught up by tomorrow morning.

I've also completed 2 sock monkeys this past week - Scurvy Sam Sneed and Lucy Ladybug. I'm finding that alternating creative activities between writing and sock monkey making brings out the best of both arts. I'm also finding that writing really relaxes me...wahoo!

Here's another short excerpt from the book"

Outside the sun was shining bright. A soft breeze met her as she walked down the path to the lake. She found a life vest in the boathouse. She didn’t intend to wear it, but thought it wise to take it just in case.

As she rowed away from the house, she found that her aunt was right. Rosehaven was even more beautiful from this vantage point. Jill could imagine 100 years of family living there. Parties on the lawn, weddings, birthday celebrations. It didn’t seem as if anything bad could ever happen at Rosehaven.

Of course, she knew that wasn’t true. She was sure Rosehaven had seen it’s share of life and death and everything that happens in between, but somehow Jill imagined that life’s tragedies would be easier to handle if one lived at Rosehaven.

She shook off her thoughts and pulled herself back to her surroundings. The lake was gorgeous. She rowed along the east bank, keeping her eyes peeled for birds and wildlife. She wasn’t disappointed. Around one bend she saw a deer drinking from the cove. It paused to look at her for just a moment for bolting back into the woods. It was only then that Jill noticed a spotted fawn following close on its mother’s heels.

Later she saw a couple of beavers busily carrying reeds to their underwater home. One slapped his tail loudly against the surface of the water as if to warn Jill away from his domain.

Wildflowers grew in profusion along the banks while humming birds and honey bees busily gathered nectar from their colorful blossoms.

Jill secured her oars inside the boat and allowed herself to drift. She opened The Secret Garden, thinking how much it felt like she had just stepped into an enchanted place of her own.

The sun grew warmer as Jill floated. She poured herself a cup of iced lemonade from the thermos and munched on the sandwich Callie had packed for her.

Finally, the sun became too much for her. Jill slipped off her shorts and t-shirt and dove into the water. She gasped when she surfaced. She hadn’t expected the water to be that cold. She swam a few brisk laps around the boat and climbed back in again, but as she did, she had the distinct feeling that she was being watched.

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Went to Borders today, ordered a large sugar-free hazelnut decaf latte and headed to the back table. Set my MP3 player to the soundtrack from Somewhere in Time and fired up my Alphasmart and banged out another 1658 words on my novel. It was a great day for writing! Worked out a couple of bugs in the plot and introduced Morgan, the funny little man who owns the art gallery where Jill works. He's a sweetie.

Here's the roses on Day 3. Thought I'd take a shot from above this time...aren't they gorgeous?

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NaNoWriMo - Day 2

Current word count: 3450

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo and the going is slow. I'm right on pace with my word count, but learning that writing a novel is way different than writing a short story. In short stories, you keep your words to a minimum, put in only the things that count and move the storyline along quickly. In a novel, you give details, dialogue, backstory, setting, etc. - Way different!

Here's how the roses are doing:

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NaNoWriMo - Day 1

Well, it's started! Today is the first official day of NaNoWriMo and my book has been started. To celebrate, I bought myself a dozen roses yesterday. My plan is to take pictures of them everyday as they age. Why? Because there is a vase of roses in my book that have stood in the same place for over 50 years as a token of true love. Here's a picture of the roses yesterday when I first brought them home and then today:

As you can see, they're beginning to open nicely...and they smell wonderful!
Want to read the first paragraph of the book? (Remember, this is a first draft, so it might be a little rough and may change later.)

Jill saw the headlights cross the centerline at the exact moment Richard slammed on the brakes. Her own screams mingled with the screeching of the tires and then she felt Richard’s hand on hers. Time stood still for a split second. It seemed eerily quiet inside the car. Richard and Jill's eyes locked and said in that moment, everything there wasn’t time to say aloud. Then the semi truck slammed into them.

Haha - it's hard to tell from that first paragraph, but this really is a love story - just had to grab your attention from the very start.

Until tomorrow...
Current Word Count 1560
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