NaNoWriMo - Day 1

Well, it's started! Today is the first official day of NaNoWriMo and my book has been started. To celebrate, I bought myself a dozen roses yesterday. My plan is to take pictures of them everyday as they age. Why? Because there is a vase of roses in my book that have stood in the same place for over 50 years as a token of true love. Here's a picture of the roses yesterday when I first brought them home and then today:

As you can see, they're beginning to open nicely...and they smell wonderful!
Want to read the first paragraph of the book? (Remember, this is a first draft, so it might be a little rough and may change later.)

Jill saw the headlights cross the centerline at the exact moment Richard slammed on the brakes. Her own screams mingled with the screeching of the tires and then she felt Richard’s hand on hers. Time stood still for a split second. It seemed eerily quiet inside the car. Richard and Jill's eyes locked and said in that moment, everything there wasn’t time to say aloud. Then the semi truck slammed into them.

Haha - it's hard to tell from that first paragraph, but this really is a love story - just had to grab your attention from the very start.

Until tomorrow...
Current Word Count 1560
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JudyO said...

Consider my attention thoroughly grabbed!