Pros and Cons

Got an unexpected day off of work today, so I woke up debating the Pros and Cons of blogging from home vs. blogging at Crossroads.

  • Can blog in my pajamas
  • Can drink as much coffee as I want without feeling guilty about the price per cup
  • Can get a some housework done at the same time
  • Two sleeping dogs are not as much company as the friendly folks at Crossroads
  • The coffee's not as good
  • I keep getting distracted by all the housework I need to do
I chose to blog at home today, but only because I'm meeting my blogging buddies at Crossroads tomorrow morning for a Blog-In!

Where do you like to blog?

In a Coffee State of Mind

It says - God is using you for His
special purposes, to shine His light,
to share His Love, to shape His people.
Woke up this morning with an intolerable hankering for a Dark Mocha Caribou (sugar-free dark chocolate syrup, espresso, milk, fresh orange peel and espresso infused whipped cream), so I headed over to my favorite hang out - Crossroads Books & Coffee.

Rachel greeted me as I walked in. She grabbed a cup and started writing up my order...she knows what I like.

I decided to browse through the bookstore before settling down to do a little blogging and found some great things to put on my wish list.

First was this really cool cup that had a rustic crackle finish. Love the rich brown colors. Then I spied a really beautiful, more feminine cup. I would feel so special sipping coffee out of this one. I guess I'm really torn between my feminine, girly side and my prayer warrior, army of the Lord side. Maybe I should have both cups so I could chose the one that suits my mood at the moment!

 Then i found this way cool CoffeeHouse Bible. This one is definately going on my Christmas wish list, except I don't think I can wait that long.

I wonder if people would think it strange if I started an "End of September" wish list? And do I really care if they think I'm strange? Never have before, so why start now?

Next I saw a devotional I just have to have. Coffee with God - 365 Devotionals to Perk Up Your Day.

Hey, I need my days perked up, don't you? I can just see myself sitting in my comfy chair, morning light spilling through the window behind me, steamy, creamy cup of warm coffee in my hands. I'm sure the presence of God would permeate the room. I need this devotional!

And finally, I saw this 2013 Calendar - Times to Treasure. this would be the perfect thing to slip in my purse. that way I would could schedule my days and remember to treasure each moment the Lord gives me. I could remember to redeem the time, to make every moment count.

 Yep, I need this calendar

If you live in the Phoenix West Valley area and haven't been to Crossroads Books & Coffee yet, you must drop by. Hey, you could start your own wish list!

And if you are related to me...see above! (It's a wish list - you don't have to wonder what to buy for me the next time you realize how wonderful I am!)

(In case you think this sounds like a commercial for Crossroads, well, it  might just be. You see, the folks at Crossroads have been awful kind to me and to the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. Are you a blogger? Check us out at
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Doubting Your Writing Abilities - Do You?

photo courtesy lusi,
Does doubt ever jump on your head? Okay, maybe that should be does doubt ever jump into your head?  Either way - does it?

It does for me when it comes to my writing. I know that I'm a writer. I have been gifted to write. I love writing, but still - I struggle with writing.

First of all, I know that writing devotionals and short (very short) fiction pieces are what I do best and what I love to do.  I have several blogs that I enjoy writing and have more ideas for blogs than I could possibly keep up with, but occasionally I begin to wonder if anyone is really reading them.  I wonder if they are making a difference in anyone's life. I wonder if I my posts are just floating out into cyberspace oblivion.

I check stats and wonder why people look, but don't leave comments. I visit other blogs and experience blog envy.

Time and time again I've tried to write a novel. I do great for about 3 chapters, then I freeze up. Can't think of a thing to write and that's when the doubt begins to grip me. I start thinking that if I were a "real" writer, I would be able to write a novel.

I know that's goofy thinking. You don't have to write a novel to be a writer, but I have 6 or 7 three-chapter book started on my computer that scream otherwise.

Doubt is a crippling disease.  Sometimes I delete entire blogs, only to reinstate them a few weeks later.

And then something amazing happens. Someone will leave a comment on one of my blogs telling me how much a particular post meant to them. How they were at a particular place in their life and how God led them to that post. They say it was just what they needed. It ministered to them, encouraged them, increased their faith...and that's the moment when doubt flees and faith rises in my heart.

It's then that I realize that I need to quit trying to be like my favorite novelist or like the popular bloggers I read. I just need to be me and write what God puts on my heart, then trust Him to take the message wherever He wants it to go.

I know that blog comments should not be the measuring stick for confidence in  my writing. I should just know that this is my calling and settle into it, but hey....I'm human.

So, fellow writers/bloggers - do you ever experience anything like this?

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