NaNoWriMo - Slow Go, but Big Changes Ahead

As you can see by my NaNo Progress Bar to the right, I'm stalled at just over 11,000 words. Well, not really stalled...I just stepped back from the book for a while. I know I'll not finish it by the end of November, but the story is still in the back of my mind. Meanwhile, there are some changes happening in my life that are exciting for me.

Wednesday was my last day of work at the school. Not sure what I want to do next, but the possibilities are exciting.

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A recent post on Facebook by T.D. Jakes read...

God is about to put you in a place where you will be forced to spread your wings! Where you used to be would never allow you to become what God created you to be.

...and I say, bring it on, God!

I'm ready for a change, for something new and challenging. Something fun. I want to be what God created me to be...and at 60 years old, sometimes I think I'm running out of time. But then I realize that the time to be what God created me to be is now...right this very moment. If I'm busy doing the things that I know He wants me to do in this moment, then I am already being who He created me to be, right?

Still, a little spreading of the wing would be an exciting change.

Again I say...bring it on, God!

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Anonymous said...

I agree...God has exciting, and yes--challenging things ahead for you! Spread your wings, Janny Bird, and fly--soar!