My NaNoWriMo Novel has a proper title!

I finally settled on a title for my NaNoNovel.

Blue Moon Summer - Don't you just love it?

The setting is Sunset Lake Park, a summer resort and amusement park complete with rollercoaster, carousel and dodgem cars.

Inspiration for this novel comes from my childhood. Growing up near Springfield Lake, I heard many stories of the famed amusement park that lined the lake's shore back in the 1920's.

The original three story pavillion, which housed a bath house on the bottom floor, restaurant and ice cream parlour on the middle floor and a ballroom on the top floor still remains to this day, but has been a roller skating rink for as long as I remember.

As a child, I remember remnants of the coaster hidden among the trees and a round building that housed boarded up the carousel. As a teen, those pieces of history had been demolished and only the skating rink remained, but it was the perfect hang out. On Friday nights, we danced in our socks to music from local garage bands and on Saturdays we rented skates and tried hard to look cool while maintaining our balance on 4 wheels.

I am loving this story so far. It carries me back to my childhood, but even better, it carries me back to a time when the lake was alive with excitement and glamour and romance.

I'm a bit behind on my quota. I have 4176 words written and I should have 6668 written by the end of this evening to be on track to finish by November 30th, but I'm sure I'll pick up speed later. Right now I'm doing a lot of research as I write to make sure I get things right. I know I could just pound out the story and do revisions after it's written, but it's easier for me to have everything correct as I write. Like...did they have school busses in 1928? What songs were popular then? What kind of cars did they drive? Even something as trivial as what kind of ink pen would they have used then can make a difference, so I have to stop and Google everything.

Strangly enough, I'm enjoying the research as much as the writing!

So, how's your NaNoNovel going?

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Debra Ann Elliott said...

Sounds like a wonderful story. Can't wait to read it. I was NaNoing, but God led me in another direction, so I am working on my non-fiction WIP and hope to have it written, edited, and revised my the beginning of Feb.

Jan Christiansen said...

That's great, Debra. Ya gotta go with where God leads you. Thanks for dropping by.