NaNoWriMo Hitting the Wall

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Well, it happened again. I knew it would. I hit a brick wall yesterday with my novel. I had no idea where to go next, decided I didn't like my story or my characters. Considered the fact that I may not be a writer after all.

This has happened to me several times at about this point in a story. I have half a dozen novels started and sitting in my files, but this time, before NaNo even started, I made up my mind that if and when this happened, I'd push through. I'd just keep writing, even if I was writing dribble.

I came close to giving up, but fortunately, my good friend, Leola met me at Crossroads this evening for a little write-in and a lot of encouragement. She's really a great cheerleader. I just couldn't give up when she kept telling me that I could do it and that she believes in me.

My other friend, Barb told me the same thing.

So, I pushed through and added another 1000 words to my novel. I'm still behind on the quota, but at least I'm not stuck anymore.

It's great to have friends that encourage you!

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Kelly said...

Oh gosh! I've been there (a few times). I stopped my nano (at 10,000 words) and decided to do a Valentine's Day novelette my publisher has a call for submissions on. I already have 11,000 words for it (started 2 days ago, so yeah, I'm so into that story it's sad lol).

DON"T give up! If you hit a wall, throw in a unexpected developemnt (you can always foreshadow it later in edits). Don't think too much when you do nano... every book that is being written by every nano in the world stinks right now. Honestly... I kid you not. WE are all on the same playing field!! <3

Love ya, Jan!

Jan Christiansen said...

Wow! You go, girl! People who can write so quickly amaze me. I am the world's slowest writer. I think I just try to make it near perfect the first time around because the idea of facing 50,000 words that need fixed scares me spitless.

I need to just let go and write.

Thanks for the encouragement. At this point I don't much like my story or my characters, but I made up my mind that I would not quit on another NaNoWriMo novel, so this one is going to hit 50,000 no matter what!

It's great to know that I'm in good company.

Love ya right back, Kelly.