Loved Montana Rose!

Just finished reading Montana Rose by Mary Connealy. I can't get enough of this gal's writing! 

Montana Rose is my favorite so far. Of course, I say that about whichever of Mary's books I've just read, but honestly. I loved the main characters in this one. Cassie and Red Dawson are wonderfully created and I'll tell you what...if I met a man like Red Dawson, I'd fall head over heals in love with him. (If I weren't already married to the most wonderful man in the world, that is.) 

Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. It's the first in the Montana Marriages series and joy of joys, a little sweetheart named Carol sent me a surprise package, which arrived yesterday and guess what was in it...the next two books in the series - The Husband Tree and Wildflower Bride!

Seems like i'm doing more reading than writing these days (except on my blogs), but that's okay. I call it research. I mean, can you become a good writer unless you read good writing?

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