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In case you haven't guessed, one of my favorite places is Crossroads Books and Coffee. You'll often find me browsing through the used book nook for my favorite author's books at a great price.  Today I picked up the Nosy in Nebraska Trilogy by Mary Connealy for just $4.00! This is an older romance mystery series by Mary, who usually writes western Christian romance with lots of humor.

Used book nook at Crossroads Books and Coffee.
(That's the clearance table in the foreground - bargains!)

Book 1 - Of Mice and Murder
Book 2 - Pride and Pestilence
Book 3 - The Mice Man Cometh

Can't wait to read them, but they're gonna have to go on my too-be-read stack. Right now I'm reading "For Such A Time As This" by Ginny Aiken, which is scheduled to be released mid-August. Lovin' it so far.

(You might want to pre-order this one!)

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