15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge

I'm participating in the 15 Habits of Great Writer's Challenge Just found out about it this evening and they're already on day 3, so I'm playing catch up.

Day 1 - Declare (that you are a writer).

Hey, I am a writer! I have a God-given ability to communicate through the written word, which also means that I have a responsibility to use that God-given talent for His glory.  So, there...I've said it...I am a writer!

Day 2 - Believe (that you're a writer) - I believe it. I really do! Oh, and the challenge says we have to get up

Day 3 - Uh, oh. I was supposed to get up 2 hours earlier this morning and WRITE. Hey, this is gettin' serious! I guess I'll just have to do that tomorrow morning.

Y'all better pray for me. I am NOT a morning person!


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