Book Review – Prairie Song – Hearts Seeking Home, Book 1, by Mona Hodgson

I’ve often wondered what life must have been like for people who traveled in a wagon train headed west. I don’t have to wonder anymore, because Mona Hodgson has given me a glimpse into the lives of those brave pioneers. Folks filled with regret for the family, friends and possessions they were leaving behind, overshadowed by an excited hope for their future – the promise of a new beginning out West.

Prairie Song lets us walk the trail along with young Anna Goben, who is hoping that the Promised Land of Californian will be just what it takes to pull her mother and grandfather from their grief over the loss of Anna’s brother. Anna is gutsy and determined to keep her mother’s secret while doing her best to keep her sober and help her grandfather regain his zest for life.  She’s just as determined to squelch her growing interest in trail hand, Caleb Reger.

Caleb clashes with that feisty little redhead, Anna Goben before they ever hit the trail. She’s independent, beautiful, and trouble as far as he’s concerned. Besides, Caleb has other things on his mind. Like Jonah from the Bible, he’s running from God’s calling on his life and his past failures. He’s hoping that five long hard months on the trail just might help him outrun his past.

But God has his own plans for Caleb and Anna. This adventure will take the though trials, tragedy and the discovery that God’s plans truly do include a hope for the future that neither of them ever dreamed of.

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