Twice a Bride by Mona Hodgson (Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series)

Two sisters.
Two missing misters.

When Kat and Nell Sinclair set out for Cripple Creek, Colorado with letters of intent to marry in their hands, their hopes are high but when their intended husbands fail to show up at the train depot upon their arrival they find themselves forced to fend for themselves until they can discover what happened to their missing bridegroom.

Kat soon discovers her man is not at all what he made himself out to be and wastes no time confronting him about his dishonesty, complete with dumping a pitcher of water over his head.  Nell, however, is holding out hope that her intended will show up and sweep her off to wedded bliss.

In the meantime, the girls must figure out a way to make a living in this wild frontier town, filled with unsavory men, wild “working women” and the threat of wild fires destroying the town.

I loved this book, from the first time feisty Kat struts herself into the saloon to the time she bravely walks into the local brothel in order to help the orphaned daughter of one of the “fallen angels.”

Mona Hodgson has populated this wild west town with truly memorable and lovable characters that pull together to carve out a life for themselves.  I’d highly recommend this book and fully intend to pick up the other books in the series.

I wrote this book review several weeks ago, then had the pleasure of meeting the author at Crossroads Books and Coffee where she was doing a book signing to promote her Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek series. What a fun visit that was!

We chatted about the Sinclair sisters, Aunt Hattie and Boney (characters from the series). I tasted Aunt Hattie's Lemon Scones and got a little insider info on her next series. Can't tell you now, but keep watching this blog!

Until that new series comes out - pick up the complete
Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series, now.

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