Burnin' Up the Laptop

Found myself sending email, tweeting, adding people to the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers and doing a makeover on my Sock Monkey Ranch Blog at 12:45 AM this morning and realized I'd been at it for hours. Where does the time go when my fingers are flying across the keys?

I counted up my blogs (7) and my web sites (5) last night. I also guest blog for 2 different sites...and I love it all. Some of my blogs are crazy fun (Chicken Doodle Soup & Sock Monkey Ranch) and some are inspiring (Refreshed by the Word and A Song for Him) and they all scratch an itch that can't be reached any other way. I love to write!

I can sit for hours and blog. Seriously, if I were getting paid for all the hours I blog, I would be rich, but I'm not.

That's okay...I'll keep blogging anyway!

Come visit some of my online fun...

Refreshed by the Word Blog
Sock Monkey Ranch Blog
Sock Monkey Ranch Web Site
A Song for Him Blog
Chicken Doodle Soup (still under construction)
Chicken Doodle Soup Blog (up and running)
Fellowship of Christian Bloggers Web Site (We're over 60 members, now!)
Fellowship of Christian Bloggers Blog
Wake Up Your Muse Web Site
Wake Up Your Muse Blog

...and if you visit one of the blogs, I'd love it if you leave a comment so I'll know you dropped by.

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Lauren Davenport said...

Wow. You sure have a lot going on! How wonderful that not only are you gifted with writing/blogging, but you enjoy it too.

Lauren Davenport said...

For some reason I'm unable to post a comment on your other blogs. But I wanted to say that your Sock Monkey Ranch photo really made me laugh - thanks :)

Jan Christiansen said...

Thank you so much for dropping by, Lauren and especially for letting me know that the commenting portion of my Sock Monkey Ranch blog wasn't working. Got it all fixed now.

Appreciate the heads up!