NaNoWriMo 2012

Yep, it's almost that time again. November NaNoWrimo is almost upon us.

What's it all about?

300,000 writers, each writing a
50,000 word novel during the
30 days of November.

My first attempt at writing a novel through NaNoWrimo was in 2009 and I completed the 50,000 words. The title was Vintage Roses, an inspirational romance. That poor book is still laying in its first draft stage collecting dust.

Since then, I've given NaNo a few half-hearted attempts, but always hit a wall and drop out somewhere between chapter 3 and chapter 5.

The other day I was reading an article  on Seekerville by Missy Tippens, author of about a half a dozen Love Inspired romance novels and was shocked to read these words...

"I always, and I mean ALWAYS, hit a wall around chapter five. (Do I hear heads nodding? I always get nods of agreement when I say this!) But I can't sit and wait for inspiriation to strike. I have to keep writing, even if it's terible and even if I end up throwing it out later."
Those words gave me the boost I needed to give this another try. So, come November 1st, you will find me pounding out another novel...And when I hit chapter 5, I'm going to blow right past it!  This time, I'll finish it. Then I'll edit it. Then I'll hire a professional editor give it a good going over and edit some more. Then when I think it's perfect, I'll start sending out proposals to publishers and connecting with agents and keep on keeping on until I see it in print!


Carol Moncado said...

YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

If I have to come over there and duct tape you to a chair!

You can do this, Mama!

Kelly said...

I love Nano! You can be my nano buddy :)

Jan Christiansen said...

You're doing NaNo, Kelly? Would love to be your NaNo buddy!