You'll Love These Mixed Up Mail Order Bride Stories!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mail order bride?  No? It's just me?

Well, okay - I admit it...the idea intrigues. Traveling half-way across country by train and/or stage coach to marry a man you've only know through a few letters.  That's crazy!  But it sure makes for good reading!

I just finished reading A Bride For All Seasons - a collection of four mail order bride stories with a twist. As if marrying someone based on what they said in letter isn't wild enough, these for couples are in for a big surprise when they learn that the publisher of The Hitching Post mail order bride catalog has altered their letters, holding back important information that are "deal breakers" when it comes to marriage!

I love how things worked out for each of them, though and the underlying message that even when we think that we've made a wrong turn in life, God still orders our steps and leads us down the path He has for us as long as we are trusting Him.

Mary Connealy is one of my favorite authors and the reason I bought this book, so I quickly jumped to the story written by her (the 4th in the book)- loved it and then went back and read the other three. They were all good, so now I have 3 new authors on my list of must reads.

Thank you, Margaret Brownley, Robin Lee Hatcher, Debra Clopton and Mary Connealy for several hours of pure reading enjoyment!
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Mary Connealy said...

Thanks, Jan. AH, we've got you now. We've got over a hundred books between us. We can keep you entertained for a long long time!
Thank you for the kind words!

Jan Christiansen said...

Over a hundred books? Yippee!

Thanks for dropping by, Mary.
You keep writing, I'll keep reading. :)