Just Discovered my Writing Personality

Just read a great article by K.M. Weiland titled, What's Your Writing Personality?  It's based on the “four temperaments” approach (popularized by Tim LaHaye).

After reading it, I not only recognized my writing personality (Sanguine); I've realized why I start books with a bang and then burn out around chapter 6 or 7.

Of course, knowing that it's just my personality won't get me over the hump.  As K.M. Weiland says in her article...
"Once you’ve identified your primary personality traits and figured out your strengths and weaknesses, you can move forward with a plan of action to help you take advantage of your good points and overcome your weaknesses—in life as well as writing!"
 So, armed with this knowledge, I'm going to lay out that plan of action she talked about and finish a novel...soon.

Thank you, K.M.Weiland!

Check out her article and discover your writing personality. As an added bonus, while you're there, you can sign up to receive K.M. Weiland's monthly e-letter and receive her free e-book Crafting Unforgettable Characters: A Hands-On Introduction to Bringing Your Characters to Life.

Cool, huh? I just snagged my copy!

Happy writing,

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