Free Online Writing Course by Valerie Comer

I just signed up for Valerie Comer's FREE online writing course...

How to Write a Story from Beginning to End

I don't know about you, but I can't afford those writing courses that cost hundreds of dollars, so I'm always on the lookout for ways to learn the writing craft without breaking my budget. FREE works great for me!

Want to take the course along with me? Jump on over to Valerie's Blog - To Write a Story and sign up using the form in the right sidebar.

I'll be posting about the course and what I'm learning as I go on this blog. Would love to hear from you as you go through the course, too. Feel free to leave comments.

Happy Writing,

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Jan Christiansen said...

Lesson One was all about where/how to get ideas for your writing, how to determine if an idea would make for a good novel and how to "massage" your idea to life.

A pretty basic (and interesting) lesson, but then that's what this course is...How to Write a Novel From Beginning to End...and all novels begin with an idea.


Jan Christiansen said...

Lesson Two takes a look at genre, defining them with tips about how to determine which genre is best for your story.

Very helpful. I now understand the difference between a mystery, a cozy mystery, a suspense and a thriller.

And I'm now aware of the existence of the Space Opera genre...say what????