5 Minute Friday - Jump

Five Minute Friday I was checking my email this morning and saw that a friend had posted a Five Minute Friday piece. I had forgotten about Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday exercise. Lisa-Jo (AKA The Gypsy Mama) posts a writing prompt each Friday. You set a timer for 5 minutes and write away. Just putting down thoughts on paper (or computer screen). You just let the thoughts flow freely from your mind to your fingertips. It's fun to see where a prompt will take you.  I popped over to Lisa-Jo's blog and saw that today's prompt was jump. Here's what happened in my 5 minutes of free-flow writing...

Hello, my name is Jan and I'm a jumper.

I sometimes feel the uncontrollable urge to jump into the middle of things I have no business being involved in...like the conversation of two friends, the project that is assigned to someone else, a new hobby that requires buying all new supplies, another book when I'm in the middle of two others.

Yes, I'm a jumper, but it isn't all bad. Every morning I open my eyes and jump out of bed. I jump to get a hot cup of coffee, jump into my favorite chair by the window and jump into God's Word. Soon my heart is jumping for joy, so I jump into prayer and praise.

This routine allows me to jump on into the rest of my day, knowing that no matter what difficulty I may face today, God will jump right in and help me.

I'll admit it...I'm a jumper

(I never realized how funny the words jump/jumper sounds until you say them over and over again...jump, jump, jump, jumper! Go ahead, try it.

It even looks funny in print. Jump makes me smile.)

Why not jump over to Lisa-Jo's blog and check out 5 Minute Fridays.

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Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.

Stacey Nicole said...

This one made me smile, especially the footnote about how funny the word jump sounds after you write/say it so many times. I feel the same way about many words.

I like your morning routine. I need to incorporate it into mine (save the coffee; I don't like coffee). I honestly do need to get in the habit of reading the Bible every morning. I know I would be better and more joyful if I did.

P.S. I am not much of a jumper, but I do jump into conversations sometimes when I shouldn't. Oops.

Jan Christiansen said...

Thanks for "jumping" on over to my blog this morning, Denise and Stacey!

I do enjoy my morning routine and really miss it if I skip my time with God before I start my day. It's such a blessing to begin each day in the Presence of God. It's the one thing that draws me closer to Him and makes me aware that He's walking through each moment...each circumstance with me daily.

Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

Janis Cox said...

It is so great to meet you. You commented on my "jump" piece at He Cares for Us.
I know I mentioned I was in Arizona - but we are Canadian and can't live there. So we come down for a little over 5 months each year to Mesa.
Maybe next winter we can meet each other.
Blessings to you,
From one Jumper to another,

Jan Christiansen said...

That would be lovely, Janis. Do contact me when you make it back to AZ next winter.

Dana McNeely said...

Great piece - yes, Jan, 'Jump' is a worthy descriptive verb for you! Laughing about new hobbies that need all new supplies. Is it common among writers, do you think? I've got bags of unfinished knitting projects, boxes of scrapbook necessaries, canine agility equipment all over my back yard, and I keep telling myself NO to cello lessons!