It's a Shaky World We Live In.

We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking only to learn that it is God shaking them. Charles C. West

Just when you think you’re standing on solid ground, the foundations of your life begin to shake…sometimes until you think they must be hitting about 7.5 on the Richter scale. A loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you lose your job, your health takes a nose-dive and depression becomes a constant companion.

The newspapers report that there’s an impending pandemic, the nightly news says the world is in a meltdown and the President says the economy is in the toilet. Ok, he didn’t exactly say that, but he’s good at phrasing things so they don’t sound as bad as they really are.

Face it…our foundations are shaking!

Those things we used to take for granted…a decent education, a good job, a moral society, honest politicians (well, maybe not that last one) are no longer guaranteed in America. Heck, not even our constitution is concrete…it’s subject to reinterpretation at any time.

Yep, our foundations are shaking and those of us who still believe in God are surprised to discover that it’s God that’s doing the shaking.

For me, personally, he used events and circumstances to shake me out of my spiritual complacency and help me see that I had built my foundation on the wrong things. The only thing that’s unshakable in this life is God - the same yesterday, today and forever and if he has to shake our world to help us understand that our lives should be built on him…. that’s just what he will do, because he loves us too much to let us continue to trust in things that will only let us down.

Is your world shaking? Turn to God – not only will he help you through your difficult circumstances, he will help you build your life on a sure foundation – Jesus Christ, the solid rock.

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