Novel Writing Serum

The novel's coming along. Hit a glitch in the plot yesterday that tripped me up, but I knew just what to do...gather with a couple of my girlfriends at Crossroads for some encouragement and a super-sized cup of Novel Writing Serum!

The Caribou - Dark chocolate syrup, espresso made from locally roasted beans, steamed milk and a generous peel of orange rind, topped with their own handmade, coffee infused rich whipped cream. Get this hot and the aroma of the orange peel and chocolate waft up every time you take a drink – heavenly!

A few sips of this elixer and I'm good to go! Novel back on track, so now I just need to make up for lost time by writing 3300 words today!

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Lauren said...

That looks delicious. I hope it inspired you to get those 3300 words done :)

Jan Christiansen said...

I wish I could say that it did, Lauren, but alas...the novel is stalled at chapter 3. Maybe if I didn't have so many blogs to keep up with I could finish a novel, but blogs are my first love, so the novels will have to wait. It's still writing, right?

Thanks for stopping by.