Flash Fiction Friday - The Unexpected Miracle

Our prompt for today was:
He paced the hospital hallway praying for a miracle even though he didn’t believe in them.

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We set the timer and wrote for about 10 minutes.  Here's my story:

The Unexpected Miracle

He paced the hospital hallway praying for a miracle even though he didn’t believe in them.

She had said “no” every time he had proposed to her in the past and he had no reason to believe she would say yes this time.

It was always this question of faith that stood between them.  She had it and he didn’t.  He couldn’t understand her belief in God or her explanation of what it meant to have a “personal relationship” with him.

Jack believed there was a God, but that belief didn’t have any impact on his life, He really hadn’t thought about God at all, until now – until God started coming between he and Ann.

He was head over heels in love with the head nurse of County General and he was convinced that she felt the same way, but she refused to take their relationship any further because of her obsession with religion.

Well, he would try one more time and she had to say yes, because he couldn’t live without her.

At that minute, he found himself outside a room with a little sign that read “Chapel”.  He pushed the door open. It couldn’t hurt to go in and actually say a real prayer..

The room was quiet except for the soft music playing in the background.  The room was furnished with a few rows of small pews and a wooden cross on the front wall, framed by a fake stained glass window. Jack took a seat on the back row and bowed his head.

“God, if you’re there and if you’re listening,” he stopped.  Could you really ask God to do you a favor when you had ignored him for so long? 

He stood and walked to the front of the room where a large Bible lay open on a podium.  He glanced down the page and his eyes stopped on a familiar verse…

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe would not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Something stirred in Jack’s heart.  He did believe.  He didn’t know how to express that, but he knew he did believe.

He read the verse again and felt something welling up inside him. He’d never felt like this before.  Tears came to his eyes.  He knelt down like he had done as a little boy saying his bedtime prayers with his mother, and closed his eyes.

“God, I do believe.  I want to be a Christian, but I’m not even sure how to do that. Can you teach me how? And when I’m ready…when you think I’ll make a good husband, can you please let Ann say yes? Amen”

Something stirred behind him. He turned to see that Ann had slipped into the chapel while he had been praying.

With tears in both their eyes, they embraced, knowing that God was performing a miracle in both their lives.  They would wait until He let them know the time was right, and then they would become man and wife and serve God together for the rest of their lives.

(Copyright© 2010, 2011 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

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