Wake Up Your Muse!

I’m so excited! I’ve just finished my latest book and I’m offering it as a PDF book online. Here’s the story behind the book…

As a writer there have been times when I’ve sat staring at a blank page, unable to think of a single word to write. I’m not sure if I buy into the whole “muse” thing – you know, a mythological being who whispers words of inspiration to you. But I do believe in an inner ability to write. I consider it a God-given gift and that’s what I call my muse.

Unfortunately, this gift didn’t come with an on/off switch. I find myself flooded with ideas and wishing I could get away and write when it’s most inconvenient (like when I’m supposed to be working or cleaning house) and unable to find any words to write when I finally get the time to practice my craft.

It’s at those times that I wonder if my “muse” is off somewhere taking a nap.

I know all it takes is an intriguing sentence or thought to get my creative juices flowing, so when I’m drawing a blank, I search online for a good writing prompt, only to come up with nothing but prompts for teachers to use with their students or prompts that just don’t make sense, like…”Write about a purple alien driving a Mercedes underwater.”


I realized that if I needed creative prompts to jump start my writing, there must be lots of other writers out there that needed them, too, and that’s how Wake Up Your Muse was born.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spark to ignite your creativity. With 1001 prompts, Wake Up Your Muse has enough ideas to keep you busy writing for a long time. In fact, if you used one prompt every day from Wake Up Your Muse, it would keep you writing for over 2 years!

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  1. Congratulations, Jan!!1
    I am so excited, happy, proud, and just plain tickled pink about your new book. Take a bow, my dear friend!!

  2. Aw, thanks Judy. You're such a good cheerleader!

  3. You're speaking my language here, Jan. I would pay good money for an on/off switch when it comes to staring at that blank screen...cursor blinking...stark white page screaming, begging me to write SOMETHING! Uggh!
    Love your blog - I need to check out some of your writing challenges :)
    Thanks for find me and following me!


  4. Thanks, Debbie! I just started the writing challenges, so this is the first one. Hey, we have something in common - I was the church secretary at my church for 6 years!