Flash Fiction Friday - 9/11

Our prompt for today was: Tim would never forget where he was when he heard planes had crashed into the Twin Towers.

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Tim stared out the window at the New York skyline, nervously tapping his pen on the desk. Today was big. He was going to be presenting his ideas for the new ad campaign in just 15 minutes to all the company executives. He didn't know if he had ever been more scared in his life.

Suddenly the roar of a jet engine shook the building and Tim watched as it slammed into the other tower of the World Trade Center. He jumped to his feet, but stood paralyzed in place.

Sandy ran into his office and yanked him into action. They joined their co-workers heading for the stairwell and spent the next hour making their way to the ground floor, then tripped through the rubble strewn chaos toward safety.

Tim would always remember where he had been on the morning of 9/11.

(Let's never forget those who lost their lives, families who lost their loved ones and those who have given their lives fighting the war on terrorism. And let's never forget that no matter what tragedy we go through, God is with us.)
(Copyright© 2010 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)
Where were you on that fateful morning and how did you hear about the attack?


JudyO said...

We all were in pain and disbelief that day. I was in my Mother's hospital room having just learned that she was terminal.

Jan said...

Oh, Judy, that must have been so hard, having to deal with tragedy on every side. Bless your heart!