Off to a great start on my NaNoWriMo novel

Stayed up last night so I could start working on my novel at 12:01am and got in 1200 words. The best part, however was chatting with Shelby, my new NaNo friend from Texas until it was time for me to start writing. She's a real sweetheart. We wrote and cheered one another on until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

Then I hit it hard again this morning with a write-in at Crossroads Books and Coffee (my favorite writing spot) with my pal, Leola. Enjoyed some Salted Caramel Oatmeal and a Dark-Chocolate Caribou Latte while I wrote. YUM!

Current word count is 2706 words, so I'm a little ahead of the game right now. I'm really enjoying the story so far. In fact, the last chapter I wrote included a wonderful breakfast of huevos rancheros made by Maria, the ranch cook. Made myself so hungry, I had to come home and eat some lunch. Wish it had been what Maria made!

Found a blog with a yummy looking recipe for huevos rancheros over at Check it out.

Hope your NaNo novel is going well, too.

Happy Writing!

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