What good is knowledge?

I just read a great article on the Faithwriter's Blog called Don't Just Learn It. that answers the question, "What good is knowledge?". It's not only has a great application for writers, but for all Christians. Pop over and read it if you have a couple of spare minutes. Just click on the link above.

Speaking of Faithwriters - if you're a writer and you're not aware of this great group of people, check out the site. They have weekly judged writing challenges using prompts, ongoing blog post contests with PAID prizes, a forum, where you can get to know other writers, articles and workshops to hone your writing skills and so much more.

Click here to check out the Faithwriters website.

Hope to see you hanging around the water cooler in the Faithwriters forum!

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Meinwords said...

Yes, I've just come across it! I never realized there were so many Christian Writers and Bloggers! I may never leave the house!



Jan Christiansen said...

It's a wonderful place, Margo...and I have trouble leaving the house, too! Thanks for stopping by.