My New Writing Place

Borders Book Stores - sigh - I still miss it.

Many of you remember how sad I was back in 2011 when I heard they were closing. I had written 2 books there, closed out many a date night with my hubby there and spent hours chatting with my girlfriends in the cafe.  It was "my place."  And then they closed.
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My family even bought me one of the little tables and two chairs from the Borders Cafe so that I would always have a piece of Borders. I still have my Border's Member's Card!

I know, I's wacky to be so attached to a bookstore, but there you have it. I was really attached. In fact, when I lost my Borders, I also lost the desire to write for a while. Weird, huh? If you notice, the last post to this blog was right about the time Borders closed. (Unless you count the post where I claimed to be abducted by aliens to explain my absence from blogging. I deleted that post.)

Anyway - I've found my new writing place! It's Crossroads Books and Coffee.

My new writing place!

Since then I've started writing again, and blogging on my devotional blog - Refreshed By The Word. I guess you could say I've rediscovered my creativity...and a really great place to get a good latte!

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The Blogger Girlz said...

I used to stop by Borders almost every day on my way home from work, buy something chocolaty, and not work for half an hour. -Aaron

Jan Christiansen said...

Thanks for stopping my the blog, Aaron. Borders was a great place to unwind. The cafe staff was always so friendly. Hope you've found another place to stop off after work to catch your breath.