Starbucks Search Week

You all know that since my Borders is closing that I am in need of a new "Cheers" to do my away from home writing.  Thanks to LindaLou, who suggested I try Starbucks, I'm declaring this week Starbucks Search Week!

I know of at least 3 close to me and I'll bet I can find 2 more fairly close, so I'll go to one each day this week to see which one has the best atmosphere and friendliest staff.

If that doesn't work...I'll be trying other places close to me. Gotta find someplace I can run to when the house starts closing in on me.

There is a Barnes & Noble nearby and I like the idea of being surrounded by books while I write, so maybe I'll give that a whirl, too. Wish there was a little Mom/Pop Cafe that serves great (and cheaper) coffee (preferably lattes) that wouldn't mind if I hung out there, but again, I wouldn't be surrounded by books. Could do the library, coffee.

Feel free to suggest other places you think might work.

Wish me luck!

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