Ok, so I know it's best to buy books from fellow authors I love at full price, but when I ran across a whole shelf of brand new Love Inspired books by some of my favorite authors at a thrift store, I just couldn't pass them up!

Waiting Out the Storm - Ruth Logan Herne
Cowboy Daddy - Carolyne Aarsen
Second  Chance Courtship - Glynna Kaye
Anna Meets Her Match - Arlene James
A Family for Faith - Missy Tippens
Made to Order Family, Ruth Logan Herne
Formula for Danger - Camy Tang
Four of these are brand new and in large print (which my eyes will thank me for).  The others used, but in great condition. Looks like I'm gonna be busy for quite some time!  Some day I want to see my name on the front of a Love Inspired book...and I won't even mind if you buy it in a thrift store!

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Debbie Dillon said...

Wow - what a great deal and how fun!
I just commented on your post over at FaithWriters about receiving your contract! I'm so sorry I haven't seen it before this - that's awesome!! You gotta fill me in and tell me how it's going :) Oh, and you have to stop by my blog when you get a chance.....I'm sharing a little something in today's post :)