Nice try, Jack!

I started my diet again today, just like most Mondays, determined not to overeat. I read my Bible, said my prayers, did a load of laundry, then headed for the bank. After making my deposit, I realized I had not eaten breakfast and I was hungry.

To my delight, God had placed a Jack-in-the-Box right across from my bank. I thank Him for that often. I popped in, knowing just what I wanted - a supreme croissant. Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking that a supreme croissant is not a very diet-y breakfast, but for me, it's a good choice. Maybe not the best choice, but a good choice, nonetheless.

So, I step up to the counter, order my croissant and then it happens...the devil  the cashier asks, "Would you like the two supreme croissants for $3.00 deal?"

What? Two supreme croissants for $3.00? One croissant is $2.49, so it's only 51 cents for the other croissant. What a deal! But I had no one to eat the other croissant and I knew if they put it in a bag and I carried it to my car, that I would eat that other croissant.

That Jack! He knows it drives me crazy to waste money. Two supreme croissants for $3.00?

I gave the girl behind the counter a steely-eyed look and slowly shook my head, then said, "and you can tell your boss I said, 'Nice try, Jack!'"

So, it's already 11:00 AM on a Monday morning and I haven't fallen off my diet yet - woooo-hoooo!

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by Pegg Thomas said...

You are AN OAK! What resolve! *applauds*

Anonymous said...

Great job staying on your diet!