A Story by my 10 year old Grandson, Ethan

The Most Embarrassing Halloween Ever

It was a dark an stormy night. Well, that’s what the hobo across the street says.

Then as I was passing Bolk Street, and looked across the street and saw a door, just a door, sitting in the middle of the yard. I ran across the street and saw a triangle carved as a doorknob. I opened the door and closed it, next thing I know I'm in a mansion!

A fireplace on the left and a bohemoth-sized statue on the wall. A word was carved into the wall "Gamoth, a once mighty wizard”. The statue glowed and cracked. Ok this is just like the thing in a horror movie!”

A guy with a gas mask came out and said, ”I hate my job.”

He saw me and said, "Umm, SAY YOUR PRAYERS!” He let out “laughing gas” and I fell to the floor. And the last thing I heard was, “What should we do with him? He he I have an idea.”

"Zzz…Zzz,(Yawn) w-where am I?” All of the sudden a speaker came out “Now for our last presentation, THE FLYING BOY, IN HIS UNDERWEAR! The fake scenery fell to the ground and some one pushed me off a ledge” IM A, GONNA DIE!”

Luckily I was tied to a rope and, and, IN MY UNDER WEAR! After that night I would never do Halloween again.
(Copyright © 2009 Ethan Spangler. All rights reserved.)

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JudyO said...

WOW!! Ethan, you are a talented writer. I really enjoyed your story. Thank you.