Delectation - Another Example of Flash Fiction

Today's Prompt: "delectation" (written without knowing the definition of the word)

Harley squatted by the fire and turned the spit one more time. The rattler that had tried to bite him not more than 30 minutes ago was sizzlin’ over the flames and fixin’ to be bit his ownself. Harley pulled the meat from the stick and sunk his teeth in deep. He had never tasted a more delicious delectation in all his life.

As it turns out the word means: great pleasure; delight; enjoyment
(Copyright © 2009 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)


JudyO said...

A-HA...........this sounds like a yarn spun by Tumbleweed himself!!

Jan said...

That's funny...Tumbleweed's the one who told me to write it like that! You know him well.